The most powerful
product sampling platform
in the world


What SoPost does

We make it easy for brands to run highly effective product sampling campaigns online, delivering exceptional customer relevance, data and analytics.

We optimize the user experience by integrating into your channel of choice, including social networks, brand or retailer sites or our curated communities, and provide real-time insights. You can plug us directly into your campaigns, anywhere.

Our technology empowers you to reach the right people in the right environments to ensure high-quality engagement and conversion.

We provide a fully end-to-end experience, handling all order processing and quality control and even taking care of packing and packaging the samples through our network of fulfilment centers.


How SoPost does it

At our heart we are a technology company, and we have developed the very best in class tech in our field. We have also employed the smartest people to use that technology to deliver exceptional results for the brands that we work with.


Why SoPost does it so well

We were the pioneers in this space, and we have the technology, experience and data that can only come from running thousands of campaigns and constantly improving.

A sample is shipped every 2 seconds.

Active in 17 markets across the globe

Engaged with 15 million+ consumers

Gathered 1.8 million+ survey responses and reviews

Partnered with 200+ leading beauty brands and CPG brands

Captured 7.6 million+ marketing opt-ins

Our Story

(Or how a bright idea, a Noel Gallagher DVD and lots of talented people got us to where we are today)

In 2012 SoPost began life as a start-up investigating the concept of ‘social post’, a dynamic postal address that would allow you to send items to people without knowing their address. Even though this idea of linking people’s social IDs to their physical locations didn’t take off, it really stuck with us.

SoPost today is really all about taking that original idea forward. Through some good luck and perseverance, we ended up powering a marketing campaign for a well-known band (yup, that’s the Noel Gallagher part!). This activity caught the eye of an executive in the beauty world; she got in touch and asked if we could adapt our campaign for her brand. As they say, the rest is history.

And then… well, fast forward nine years and we have partnered with hundreds of brands, employ the brightest and the best teams working across a wide range of disciplines, and have offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, London, Paris and New York.


Founder and CEO of SoPost, Jonny Grubin, thinks of himself as an accidental entrepreneur. But after he set up a digital marketing company at age 14 and then dropped out of university to start SoPost, those of us lucky enough to work here think of him more as a man with the ideas, drive and personality to keep SoPost delivering on its promises.

Our values


We are built on trust. Our consumers and communities trust us, as do the brands and partners we work with. Trust is key to our continued success.

Stronger Together

We are a team, working with partners, consumers and internally for the best possible outcomes for all concerned.

No Surprises

Transparency and communication are our bedrock. We don’t do surprises (good or bad), except maybe on birthdays.

Do the Right Thing

We’re as proud of the journey as we are of the destination. Even when nobody’s watching, we do the right thing – by our teammates, customers, users, investors and partners.