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Targeted sampling is a key tool for driving your overall marketing strategy,
generating sales, growing brand awareness and building audiences.

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Connect with the right consumers

Our platform makes product sampling a cost-effective tool for targeted marketing.

The most important thing is making sure your samples reach the right people — our intelligent order filtering takes care of that.

Branded experiences, where you
audience is

Integrated into your media buys, influencer partnerships, content and more, our managed service for enterprise brands delights consumers at every touchpoint.

Industry leading ROI

Your samples work hardest with SoPost. We have recorded 50%+ opt-in rates, 8.2x ROI and wastage reduction of 41%+.

We’ve helped more than 350 brands super-charge their marketing efforts. How can we help you?

Reach the right audiences

With SoPost, sampling aligns with your wider marketing efforts.

Wherever your audience is, our integrated experiences always feel seamless.

We work with you to sample within your existing channels and can also advise on creating new acquisition campaigns.

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Powerful online sampling

Avoiding product wastage

Targeted sampling combined with our unique intelligent order filtering systems allows for quality engagements, making sure your samples aren’t wasted on the wrong peole.

Recovering excluded samplers

Consumers unsuitable for sampling don’t need to be turned away; send a discount, offer or even an alternative item.

Providing a seamless experience

Our refined and interconnected journeys prevent dead ends and missed opportunities with potential customers.

Transparent data and insights

SoPost keeps your sampling data and insights at the forefront of your campaigns.

Intelligent order filtering

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms leverage billions of data points across tens of millions of unique profiles to analyze orders in real-time.

This allows you to personalize every experience, filtering out low quality consumers and reducing wastage by 41%+.

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SoPost social sampling and the right influencer partnership gets great results for Bobbi Brown

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We’ve helped more than 350 brands super-charge their marketing efforts.

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