#CadburySnowball Fight

Case Study



To deliver irrepressible joy throughout the Christmas season, SoPost worked with Elvis Communications, in order to create a Cadbury ‘Joy Spike' by bringing the joy of a snowball fight to Twitter. In doing so, we gave away some of Cadbury's most well-loved Christmas products: Snow Bites.

A promoted tweet was launched at 1pm on 11th December 2014. Anyone who saw the tweet could click on the link to “Hit a friend with a #CadburySnowball!”

By doing so, consumers were directed to SoPost where the snowball thrower could connect with Twitter, and select a friend to ‘hit' with a #CadburySnowball. When their friend was hit, the recipient could input their postage details to receive the free bag of Snow Bites.

#CadburySnowball Fight Landing Page

The Activity

The activity was kick-started by two tweets in December. It was all over within 8 hours! Here are the stats:

The Hashtag - trending within 2 hours

Within 2 hours, #CadburySnowball was trending in both London and Manchester.

#CadburySnowball Tweets


3,046 11 December

12 December 1,685

#CadburySnowball Earned Impressions

1.1 million

#CadburySnowball Earned Reach


Actual Impressions

478, 445



Engagement Rate




@TomPaulMaya Thanks! That #CadburySnowball hit me smack in the face! Chocolate is excellent compensation. Xx
@hope_aylen @cadburyuk How dare you?! I thought we were on the same team? Take this! #CadburySnowball
@ljbarton That blinking hurt!!! Lol thank you, got you back :-P xx #CadburySnowball
Cheers @CadburyUK for my snow bites, making revision a bit better :) #CadburySnowball
Thank you @fabfabfab84 for hitting me with a #CadburySnowball #yumyum
My favourite friends are the ones who hit me with a #CadburySnowball and get #snowbites delivered to me! @jessanno x
Just arrived in time for my train home :) even wrapped by @CadburyUK! #CadburySnowball
I am loving the delicious and sweet #CadburySnowball chocolates that @CadburyUK sent me! Thanks @2late4regrets :D

We get feedback from consumers too

Not only was there huge social uplift from the activity, we also measured the impact:


had not heard of Snow Bites before the #CadburySnowball activity.


had not tried Snow Bites before the #CadburySnowball activity.


would buy Snow Bites again after trying them as part of the #CadburySnowball activity.

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