Benefit Cosmetics

Case Study



In January 2015, SoPost worked with Benefit Cosmetics to allow fans of the brand in the UK to give a sample of The POREfessional to a friend. The activity was launched via Benefit Cosmetics' Facebook page: consumers connected to the branded gifting page with their Facebook account, selected a friend to give a sample to, and posted a personalised message to their friend's wall. This message contained an embedded brand image and message, and asked them for their postal information. The friend received their POREfessional sample a few days later, and had the opportunity to give feedback.

Benefit Cosmetics' Landing Page

We worked with SoPost for our PORE O'Clock campaign and were absolutely thrilled with the results! The platform enabled us to engage with our Facebook audience in a new and exciting way and get samples of POREfessional directly into their hands. SoPost were brilliant to work with and made the whole process incredibly seamless. We will definitely be working with them again on future campaigns.

Michelle Stoodley
Digital Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

Social Engagement

Benefit Cosmetics UK launched the activity by posting the link to the activity on their Facebook page.

Total Likes


likes across all of Benefit Cosmetics' posts

Total Shares


shares across all of Benefit Cosmetics' posts

The Activity

Unique Users


unique users engaged with the activity

Samples Claimed


samples were claimed

Branded Story Impressions

1.1 million

branded story impressions



18-24 29.5%

25-34 35.8%

35-44 22.1%

45-54 7.3%

55-64 4.2%

65+ 1.0%


87% of of recipients were female


Mobile 74%

Desktop 15%

Tablet 11%

Cities of Consumers

Consumer Feedback

Marketing Opt-In


of recipients opted in to receive further marketing from Benefit Cosmetics

Response Rate

13.5% of recipients responded with feedback

Had you heard of Benefit Cosmetics before?

7% of respondents had never heard of Benefit Cosmetics

Had you tried The POREfessional before receiving it as a gift?

65% of respondents had not tried The POREfessional before

Would you buy The POREfessional again?

92% of respondents would buy The POREfessional in the future

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