Estée Lauder Success Story

Estée Lauder achieves 74% likely-to-purchase rating for a new product launch


Estée Lauder wanted to drive awareness of their new Luxury Fragrance Collection.

Collecting quality reviews and gaining valuable opt-ins were key objectives to making this multi-product launch a success, so the brand partnered with SoPost to make it happen.


Utilizing SoPost’s Instagram and Facebook integrations, consumers completed a quiz before requesting a sample.

The quiz asked questions about their scent and emotional preferences before matching them to the best-suited fragrance from the collection.

This bespoke and interactive approach allowed SoPost to pair nearly 10,000 consumers with their perfect fragrance.

In the weeks following trial, recipients were contacted via email to provide feedback and were sent a link to purchase the full-size product.

The feedback request asked recipients to leave a review and complete a survey with questions about purchase intent and areas specific to the brand, all to help Estée Lauder gather further insight into their customer base.

click-through to purchase rate from post-trial email

The campaign garnered a wealth of marketing opt-ins, an average review score of 4.3 stars and a 74% likely-to-purchase rating.

Detailed consumer feedback and demographics also armed Estée Lauder with valuable insights to empower the rest of the product launch.

of respondents gave the product a five-star rating
average rating

of consumers opted-in to receive further marketing from Estée Lauder


of people had already recommended the product to a friend


of consumers have purchased or were likely to purchase in the next six months

A great fragrance!

Fresh, fruity & feminine. It’s subtle but lasts the whole day, everything I like in a perfume!

Consumer review