Carolina Herrera Success Story

How Carolina Herrera achieved a 78% recommendation rate for a brand new product


Carolina Herrera wanted to generate product awareness and drive purchase intent in a new market.

They partnered with SoPost on an engaging Facebook and Instagram campaign for the brand’s new feminine fragrance, Good Girl Midnight.


Activating through SoPost’s Facebook and Instagram Lead Ad integration, Carolina Herrera created highly targeted social ads.

The campaign offered free samples of the Good Girl Midnight fragrance and utilized SoPost’s intelligent order filtering technology to maximize results.

Sample requests were processed in real-time using SoPost’s intelligent order filtering to remove duplicate requests and verify addresses.

Post-trial, SoPost collected valuable consumer feedback on the brand and product. This feedback gave Carolina Herrera the insight they needed around purchase intent, brand positioning, and product perception to better understand their audience and optimize future campaigns.

Consumers also received a follow-up email with an option to purchase the full-size product.

click-through to purchase rate from post-trial email

Carolina Herrera’s first digital sampling campaign in the UAE was hugely successful, resulting in a 78% recommendation rate and a 13% post-trial purchase rate.

Almost half of the consumers had also never heard of Good Girl Midnight before receiving their sample.

of people would switch to Good Girl Midnight as their everyday fragrance
of consumers had already purchased the full-size product after receiving their sample
average rating

of consumers had never heard of Good Girl Midnight before receiving their sample


of people had already recommended the product to a friend


of people are extremely likely or very likely to purchase the product in the next six months

Sample vials are definitely the best way for consumers to test new fragrances, but the real challenge is how to get those vials into the hands of consumers.

For the launch of Carolina Herrera’s latest feminine fragrance, Good Girl Midnight “عبق الليل” we partnered with SoPost to do sampling at scale in the United Arab Emirates.

The post-campaign survey results were beyond our expectation. On top of the results, the customer journey was very smooth, with customers receiving their samples within 24 hours of signing up.

Amir Jarboue Salaheldin, Digital & Media Manager, Puig Middle East